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org::dazuko::Dazuko Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class contains a bunch of functions allowing to pass access control structure (DazukoAccess) to or read it from Dazuko.

See also:
Alexander Ellwein <aellwein@antivir.de>

John Ogness <jogness@antivir.de>

tested with Dazuko 2.0.0

Definition at line 47 of file Dazuko.java.

Public Member Functions

final int addExcludePath (String path)
final int addIncludePath (String path)
final DazukoAccess getAccess ()
final int register (String groupName, String mode)
final int removeAllPaths ()
final int returnAccess (DazukoAccess access)
final int setAccessMask (int accessMask)
final int unregister ()

Private Member Functions

native int NATIVEaddExcludePath (String path)
native int NATIVEaddIncludePath (String path)
native DazukoAccess NATIVEgetAccess ()
native int NATIVEregister (String groupName, String mode)
native int NATIVEremoveAllPaths ()
native int NATIVEreturnAccess (DazukoAccess access)
native int NATIVEsetAccessMask (int accessMask)
native int NATIVEunregister ()

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